Palestine for a day

Diary entry: September 2016

For the last 2 weeks I have been exploring Israel with one of my very close London mates the ‘Māori musketeer’, following our noises and exploring many of the biblical spots of Jesus’s story. This then resulted in a mission to find Christ’s birth place of Bethlehem which took us out of Israel into Palestine.

This is a shot of the wall surrounding Palestine. We had made the short journey from Jerusalem to Bethlehem (45min bus ride, 7 shekels approx $2 NZD) to see the church of nativity where Jesus was born; we ended up seeing much more than that… Just arriving in the city we felt nervous as there is a raw sense of emotion in the air. Poverty is much more prevalent here than as in Israel and like in Egypt everybody is hustling hard to get by.

The Wall surrounding Palestine has very much a prison feel to it. There are armed security checks and on the outside/Israeli side of the wall, there is a 24 hour armored vehicle patrol. The wall is approximately 700 km long and its share size was daunting – the thought of walling a whole city and nation in!

There is a vast history of Israel and Palestine and every other nation or group that has conquered the holy lands since before biblical times.

The depth of this history and the wake it has left is so diverse and complex it makes it very difficult to comprehend what is right and what wrong; this is far from a black and white scenario.

As a removed ignorant outsider looking in, you would hope that 21st century values of humanity would prevail knowing that hate only produces more hate but this is easier said than done.

#Palestine #historyonthego #bethlehem #Māoriintheholylands #māorimuskerteers  #diaryofamāoritraveler

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